Cover Letter Sample for Window and Door Installer


Window and door installers are responsible for removing old windows, doors and frames of homes and buildings and replace them with new ones. These individuals work on new buildings and fix issues from previous installations that were done incorrectly or are damaged.

As a window and door installer, you will be required to perform various duties like removing old windows, using power tools, taking accurate measurements, fixing units, sealing fittings, transporting supplies, and keeping the job site clean.

Installing doors and windows is a physically demanding job that might require heavy lifting and climbing. Therefore, an individual working in this capacity should have skills like dexterity, physical fitness, stamina along with attention to safety, the ability to work at heights, teamwork, customer-oriented, and deep knowledge of the tools and equipment used in this work, and ways to maintain them.

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required to work in capacity of a window and door installer. However, some experience in this regard, or an apprenticeship role is a bonus and it will help you get the job.



Cover Letter Sample for Window and Door Installer



Jake Cherry
7768 Case Street
Montgomery, Alabama 46298
(058) 554-4214

December 25, 2019

Mr. Brad Harrison
HR Manager
ABC Builders
349 Noon Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 46298


Dear Mr. Harrison:

I am writing express my interest in obtaining the position of a Window and Door Installer. As an enthusiastic and skilled professional who has over 6 years of experience in the construction arena, I would be a great addition to your team.

Some of my profeessional strengths are:

  • Highly experienced in inspecting the site and then planning the installation process accordingly.
  • Demonstrated expertise in cutting doors to fit the doorways frames.
  • Extensive knowledge of repair work needed to old installs.
  • Adept at hanging new doors and windows even on areas with uneven spaces.
  • Competent in installing associated hardware including locks, keys, and knobs.
  • Specifically skilled in ensuring that all the installation work is carried by protecting the customer’s belonging at the job site.

I am also well-versed at preparing logs and reports of the installation and the repair work carried on the site. Capable of resolving all problems occurring in prior installations, and maintaining the supplies, and performing preventative maintenance on the frames. Also, skilled in assisting customers in resolving any complaints.

A meeting between us will certainly provide you with proof of how I can be a great contributor. I will call you in four days to set up a meeting time and if you require any information in the meantime, I will be available at (058) 554-4214 or via email at

Thank you in anticipation.



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