Wellness Coordinator Resume Example


Wellness coordinators are employed by various organizations where they are responsible for providing a wide range of health-related programs and services to their clients.

General duties of Wellness Coordinators include determining wellness needs, developing plans, suggesting wellness activities, scheduling activities, evaluating the success of wellness programs, identifying training needs, coordinating staff, recruiting new employees, and solving customer complaints.

If you are willing to peruse your career as a wellness coordinator, you must possess excellent customer service skills along with good communication skills, leadership and supervisory skills, and the ability to motivate others.

Wellness Coordinator Resume Example

Henry Johnson
7916 Seventh Street
Houston, Texas 12345
(012) 345-6789


A skilled and passionate individual with 6 years’ of solid experience working as a wellness coordinator. Well-versed at organizing and promoting wellness activities for the benefit of the clients. Demonstrated expertise in identifying client’s wellness needs and developing and implementing plans accordingly. Proficient in coordinating wellness programs and activities for families, youngsters, and infants.


Strategy Development • Outreach Efforts
Program Monitoring • HR Collaboration
Budget Development • Recruitment and Training
Data Gathering • Risks Reduction
Success Measuring • Reporting


• Implemented core wellness programs for clients which helped in reducing health risks by 20%
• Implemented a data gathering and analysis system, which was 20% more effective than the previously existing system


Wellness Coordinator
ABC Health Center, Houston, Texas
1/2017 – Present

• Organize and promote wellness programs in accordance with clients’ requirements
• Determine the wellness requirements of each client, and strategize wellness plans, accordingly
• Offer individual support or counseling in overall wellness or nutrition
• Prepare or implement budgets and strategic, operational, purchasing, or maintenance plans
• Record attendance and participation data related to wellness events
• Demonstrate proper use of fitness equipment

Wellness Intern
XYZ Health System, Houston, Texas
6/2014 – 12/2016

• Determined the wellness needs of the organization and developed plans accordingly
• Planned and coordinated health awareness events and programs
• Conducted surveys to determine clients’ interest in wellness programs
• Answered common questions regarding health plans and responded to requests for information from clients, the public, and volunteers
• Maintained wellness-related schedules, records, or reports


Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences
ABC School, Houston, Texas – 2013