Water Treatment Operator Skills


Water Treatment Operators operate water purifying equipment in a plant. They treat wastewater to make it safe for the environment.


Some general duties of these professionals include are operating equipment, running tests, maintaining pumps, reading measurements, overseeing plant processes, and monitoring water quality.


An ideal candidate for this position should possess ability to analyse and test water samples. He/she should be capable of maintaining records, changing chemical feed rate, prioritising work and multitasking.


Water treatment operators typically need a high school diploma and a license to work. They also typically undergo on-the-job training


Given below is a list of skills for water treatment worker:






Water Treatment Operator Skills




• First-hand experience in conducting analysis and testing of water samples.

• Skilled at inspecting water treatment equipment at regular basis.

• Capable of supervising operating conditions, meters and gauges.

• Well-versed at operating water purifying and clarifying equipment.

• Talented in cleaning and maintaining equipment tanks, filters, and other work areas.

• Qualified to assist with valve, pumps, and other mechanical repairs.

• Demonstrated expertise in conducting periodic plant inspections for well structure, infrastructure stability and water output.

• Proficient at performing basic chemical analysis and bacteria tests related to water quality sampling.

• Proficient in prioritising work tasks and maintain focus.

• Solid track record of maintaining records and databases, operation of forklift.

• Adept at changing defective parts and install new devices.

• Expert in repairing damaged and malfunctioning control devices.

• Ability to communicate with workers in area of hot work.


• Able to stay alert and responsive in order to prevent any incipient stage fires.