Sample Resume for Warehouse Trainer


As the name suggests, warehouse trainers work in a warehouse where they are responsible for training warehouse staff.

These professionals are particularly responsible for hiring and training warehouse personnel. They are also expected to handle warehouse issues, organizing training sessions, and overseeing workers.

An ideal candidate for this position should exhibit a positive attitude with strong leadership and motivational ability, and ability to work under pressure, detail-orientation, and good communication skill.

Sample Resume for Warehouse Trainer

James Grahame
894 Case Street, Helena, Montana 59626
(725) 542-7948
A skilled and hard-working individual with 6 years of successful track record of working as a warehouse trainer. Competent in conducting training sessions and providing on-site training to warehouse personnel. Expert at hiring training, supervising, and tracking the performance of warehouse personnel. Profound ability to audit the training process and update the curriculum as required. Well-versed at maintaining records of warehouse staff, activities, and currently available resources.

• Training Needs Identification• On-site Training

• Induction Sessions
• Health and Safety Awareness
• SOPs Development • Process Improvement Techniques

Mention your accomplishments here.

Warehouse Trainer 
ABC Company, Helena, Montana
March 2017 – Present

• Confer with managers to determine training needs of the assigned warehouse environment.
• Determine training requirements by communicating with the employees and scrutinizing facilities.
• Design and organize training sessions according to each individual’s specific requirements.
• Conduct training sessions and development programs.
• Train recruits in safe equipment operation, policies, and procedures.
• Supervise warehouse workers and track the performance of new employees.
• Audit the training process and update the curriculum as required.
• Maintain records of warehouse staff, activities, and currently available resources.

Warehouse Supervisor 
XYZ Logistics, Helena, Montana
January 2015 – February 2017

• Supervised warehouse personnel and routine activities.
• Hired and recruited new employees and identified training needs.
• Trained warehouse personnel to ensure optimal use of resources.
• Received and identified goods and checked inventory.
• Checked orders, bills, goods received, and deliveries.
• Maintained records and reported relevant information and prepared documentation.

Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management
AAA Business School, Helena, Montana – 2014