Resume Sample for Warehouse Supervisor


The motive underlying resume building is always to land you an interview. The question arises what can you do in order to make your resume impressive enough that it motivates the employer to give you an interview call straight away? We offer answers to this question below:

• First, read the job description issued by the prospective employer thoroughly and carefully. Then incorporate your field related skills and competencies in your resume.

• Support your skills by stating what you have achieved by the dint of these skills.

• Mention your relevant experience in reverse chronological order.

• Pay attention to the format of your resume. Also, read your resume several times before posting to make sure that it is free of any syntax and grammatical error.

• Avoid adding pictures or other irrelevant information in your resume as it will create a bad impression on the reader.

Following sample resume for warehouse supervisor will guide you further in this regard:

Resume Sample for Warehouse Supervisor 


Daniel Henney

746 Case Street • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17104 • (467) 399-8473 •

PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: Highly skilled and reliable individual with 6+ years’ experience working in a warehouse setting. Effective leadership skills aimed at obtaining best results in a warehouse environment coupled with exceptional problem resolution skills and a sound ability to smoothing out operations. Bringing ability to build a strong and cohesive team and strong knowledge of meeting competing priorities within a warehouse environment.


– Loading/Unloading – Labeling and Placement – Merchandise Scrutiny
– Shelves Stocking – Money Order Issuance – Packages Weighing
– Fork Lift Operation – Order Tracking – Customer Service
– Inventory Maintenance – Pallet Jack/Forklift – Labor Management


• Trained 52 warehouse workers over a period of 15 months, now deployed at 3 different warehouses within the state.
• Developed a dynamic labeling system, which decreased time in writing labels by hand by a staggering 80%.
• Suggested the implementation of safe material removal system (for hazardous materials), resulting in increased warehouse personnel security.


AAA Warehouse, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Warehouse Worker, September 2014 – Present

•Assist shipping and receiving unloading trucks and checking in merchandise
•Prepare parcels for mailing and correctly label product so that label can be seen on the outside of the pallet
•Sort and place materials or items on racks, shelves or in bins according to organizational standards
•Maintain inventory and make sure that deliveries matched orders

Case Organisation, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Forklift Operator, December 2011 to August 2014*/

• Performed shipping and receiving duties.
• Performed daily safety and maintenance checks of lift vehicles.
•Identified and reported faulty equipment damaged, and safety c
concerns to Supervisor immediately.
• Recorded information regarding movements of supplies, materials and finished products.


High School, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 2010
High School Diploma