Voice Actor Resume Sample


Voice actors work behind the scenes in the development of films, animated movies, television commercials, etc. They lend their voice to these sources of entertainment and are a very important part of the film industry.

A resume for voice actor position must be creative, prefect, relevant, and presentable enough to drive the busy attention of your hiring manager or director. It should demonstrate your love and passion for work. It should state all those things that make you a better person to hire than the rest.

Your resume should also highlight skills like ability to do various tones and accents, confidence, attention to details, and the willingness to work irregular hours. Though they is no formal education required for this job, voice actors should be trained enough to meet the requirements of the directors and casting of the films.

Given below is an excellent resume sample for the position of a voice actor:

Voice Actor Resume Sample



Danny Turner
27 Case Street, Salem, Oregon 44892
(999) 229-4233



An enthusiastic and talented individual qualified enough to work as a voice actor. Capable of working in any entertainment surrounding or environment. Capable of adopting the character’s personality and able to do various tones and accents depending upon the character.



– Script Comprehension
– Voice Quality
– Interpretation
– Conversational Acting
– Recording
– Voice Creation
– Games Voice-overs
– Practice Metrics
– Mimicry
– Characterization
– Singing
– Vocal Exercises



• Audio design and editing that improved overall clarity of submitted work using Adobe Audition 5.5 CS
• Awarded for best voice-over artist in the television program narration “The Heroic Century”
• Rewarded for handling the work of corporate films, complex commercials, etc.
• Performed character voices for >100 multi-platform video games.



Voice Actor
ABC Studios, Salem, Oregon| 1/2016 – Present
• Read scripts and comprehend and instructions.
• Create different voices through observation and mimicry.
• Practice different voices and constantly expand your range of voice characters and
• Deliver the same lines in a number of different ways until the director is satisfied.
• Tweak voice in order to ensure that quality metrics are met.


Studio Helper
XYZ Studios, Salem, Oregon| 8/2012 – 12/2015
• Set up the Studio for the arrival of the artist and/or engineer.
• Managed projects, both within the studio, and with outside vendors.
• Assisted in the studio, performing various jobs such as audio, camera, prompter, and tapes
• Organized supplies and equipment and maintained a clean work space


High School Diploma
St. Paul’s High School, Salem, Oregon