Registered Veterinary Technician Sample Job Description


Veterinary technicians work in various animal healthcare facilities where they are responsible for assisting veterinarians in the care and treatment of animals.

General duties of these professionals include checking vital signs, collecting test samples, preparing animals for surgery, and administering treatments.

An ideal candidate for this position should possess exceptional knowledge of animal behavior along with excellent clinical skills, technical understanding, and familiarity with medical terminologies.

An Associate’s Degree in veterinary technology is required for this position.

Registered Veterinary Technician Sample Job Description

⦁ Examine animals and check vital signs.
⦁ Take samples for laboratory or in-house testing.
⦁ Administer first-aid, medication, and treatments.
⦁ Take X-rays, and ultrasounds of animals.
⦁ Clean and bandage wounds of injured animals.
⦁ Prepare animals for surgery and assist during operations.
⦁ Prepare surgery table instruments and maintain sterile conditions.
⦁ Tell the owners about the condition of their animal.
⦁ Respond to the client’s medical questions with confidence.
⦁ Maintain a safe, secure, healthy, and humane environment.
⦁ Maintain medical records, supplies, and surgical equipment.