Cover Letter Sample for Vet Tech with Less or No Experience


A vet tech cover letter introduces you to the employing director and convinces them to peruse your encased resume.

It should contain information about your related training, aptitudes and abilities which separate you from others.

Making a remarkable cover letter will help you prevail as an entry level vet tech with less or no experience in hand. Pertinence of data, format of the letter and the kind of language you utilize, everything is essential. When you use descriptive words to explain your standing in the professional world, you win many points.

The following cover letter sample will give you an idea on how you can do this:


Cover Letter Sample for Vet Tech with Less or No Experience


Henley Reeves
625 Case Street
Tallahassee, Florida 82930
(355) 454-4568,

August 19, 2009

Mr. Merritt Mckinney
HR Manager
Love and Pets
726 Lake Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 97543

Dear Mr. Mckinney:

I found out about your requirements for a Veterinary Technician with great enthusiasm, as my aptitudes and expertise match your prerequisites precisely..

As indicated in the encased resume, my 6 months’ experience as vet intern has built up my capacities to handle the operations of vet office while giving outstanding service to clients. Through this experience, I gained skills in drawing blood, administering medications, placing IV catheters, venipuncture and lifting and restraining animals. In addition, I am skillful at keeping up a clean and organized treatment area.

My detail-orientation, punctuality, bilingual (English/Urdu) ability, and excellent computer skills will help me accomplish the long-term goals of Love and Pets. The encased resume will give you complete details of my abilities and qualifications.

As a client-focused and passionate Veterinary Technician, I would like to discuss this position with you in fine detail and learn more about Love and Pets. I will call you after 9 days to follow-up and see if an interview can be arranged. In the meantime, I can be reached at (355) 454-4568.

Much obliged to you for your time and thought.