Cover Letter Sample for Fast Food Cashier


Every resume needs a cover letter to furnish it regardless of the position being applied for. Cover letters are a formal introduction of the applicant  to the possible employer. Opportunists view these as their golden chance of forming a good first impression on the potential employer and pay special attention to cover letters.

To write an employer focused cover letter, it is important to carefully go through the job requirements issued by the possible employer. Once the job description if fully instilled in your mind, write the letter. This will automatically put you in a better position to demonstrate those expertise from your profile related to what employer is looking for.


Cover Letter Sample for Fast Food Cashier 


George Atlas

754 South Street

Austin, Texas 57664

(867) 675-9086,

April 01, 2012

Mr. Jack Frost
Burger Art
654 Sixth Street
Austin, Texas 56857


Dear Mr. Frost

If you are looking for a methodical, analytic and practical minded fast food cashier, my profile will definitely attract you. With four years as a fast food cashier, I am expert in accurate bill generation, prompt change delivery and proper management of cash inventory.

Following are some of my skills which seem most relevant to your requirements:

• Adept at operating and processing the POS computer system meant for automated ordering.

• Expert in maintaining and updating manual and electronic cash registers. Experienced at balancing the cash before closing.

• Able to forward orders and process payments effectively via order details on  headsets and speakers.

• Proficient at charging bills through credit and visa cards and issuing bill receipts.

My resume is also attached for your concern. As an enthusiastic and skilled individual, I excitedly anticipate an meeting with you. I will call your office after 3 days for follow-up. In the meantime, If you have queries related my profile, I can be reached at (867) 675-9086 or via email at

Thank you for your time and thoughts.






Enclosed: Resume