Sample Letter of Introduction for Substitute Teacher


A resume is not the only thing you need when applying for a job. Before a recruiting officer takes a look at the details of your education and employment history, you have to introduce yourself to the prospective employer in a more conversational manner.

A letter of introduction is a one-page document that you write to let the hiring managers know a little about your skills, qualifications, and education, and to offer your services as an opportunity arises. The purpose of writing a letter of introduction is to convince the employer that you possess all those skills that they are looking for in an ideal candidate and to motivate them to take a look at the enclosed resume. To achieve this, do some research before writing your letter to understand what are the employer’s demands and what are they looking for in the ideal candidate. Then relate your skills and qualifications to their demands and use some accomplishments to support your claim.

What follows is a sample letter of introduction for a substitute teacher.


Sample Letter of Introduction for Substitute Teacher


September 6, 2017

Mr. John Anderson
HR Manager
City School
336 Main Blvd
Tallahassee, Florida 32309
Dear Mr. Anderson:

As a skilled and enthusiastic teacher with experience implementing lesson plans and communicating effectively with diverse middle school students, I would like to apply for the position of a substitute teacher at the City School.

Through my education and experience, I have developed skills and capabilities relevant to Substitute Teacher’s job. I possess substantial knowledge in all subject areas along with the ability to comprehend, understand and implement lesson plans made by the regular teachers. I also offer a great deal of flexibility, versatility, and adaptability. Furthermore, I possess effective communication skills, supervisory skills, stamina and resilience, attention to details and accuracy along with the exceptional ability to discipline and motivate students.

I am very excited about the prospect of working as a Substitute Teacher for your institute because I will be able to make the most of my potential. My strong references also give a solid base to my job application.

I would like to meet with you in order to ascertain your expectations and establish the relevance among your needs and my abilities. I will call your office for follow up next Friday. In case you feel the need of speaking to me earlier, I can be reached at (999) 999-9999.

Your time and consideration is highly appreciated.



Anna Benson
322 Lake Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32309
(999) 999-9999



Encl. Resume