Safety Manager Cover Letter Sample


The safety managers are hired to ensure a safe work environment for employees in the workplace. Their main duty is to make sure that employers’ companies adhere to health and safety regulations and then apply corrective measures if necessary.They are also responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing company’s employee safety at work.

Responsibilities of a safety manager also include teaching staff how to avoid accidents, assessing potential threats to employee health, inspecting equipment and facilities, investigating incidents, and processing worker compensation claims.

These professionals should have a good eye for details in order to identify hazards and are required extensive knowledge of safety programs. Furthermore, They should have the working knowledge of safety management information system and should be familiar with conducting data analysis and reporting statistics.

Safety managers are often hired by businesses to maintain that safe environment, but it is possible for them to work in any field. To work as a safety manager, one should have a Bachelor degree or higher in safety management or any related field.

Given below is a cover letter sample for safety manager position:


Safety Manager Cover Letter Sample



July 12, 2019


Mr.Richie Willows
HR Manager
Case Company
6957 Noon Avenue
Austin, Texas 490358


Dear Mr. Richie:
This is with reference to the open position of a safety manager at Case Company. Owing to extensive experience in this regard, I am positive that I will be a great person to hire. Over 5 years that I have worked in a safety manager role, I have learned much about the work.

I am trained in every aspect of safety for making sure that there is optimum safety for both third party needs and internal needs. I am skilled at performing safety surveys and inspections and preparing reports. I am also proficient at over viewing company accident statistics and making recommendations to prevent recurrences.

During my previous employment, I have also been responsible for supervising employees putting them through all the appropriate paces that ensure preventative measures for everything from fire to earthquake to slip-and-falls are in place. I have also planned and implemented training for employees in work site safety practices. and provided training and guidance to the staff on various safety-related topics.

I will call you after some days to set up a meeting date and time. If you need to reach me for further information in the meantime, please call at (657) 824-4856.


Thank you for your time and consideration.






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