Top 10 Tips to Write a Resume


In today’s aggressive job market, it is extremely important to compose a compelling and successful resume. In order to do so just keep certain things in mind and pay attention to even a smallest and unimportant section of your resume. You can also seek professional assistance in this regard or ask one or two people to read your resume and take their feedback.

Below are some tips that will assist you compose an interview-winning resume for any position:

Top 10 Resume Writing Tips

  1. Be Concise and To-The-Point
    Ideally a resume should not be more than one page in length. It should be clear, concise and to-the-point. You can increase the length of your resume only if you possess 10 of experience but it should not be more than 2 pages even in case of extensive experience.
  2. Open Well
    Generally, employers hardly spend a minute to scan a resume, therefore, it is essential to begin your resume with an attractive and catchy statement that persuades the employer to read you resume with interest till the end.
  3. List Accomplishments
    A resume is a marketing tool designed to sell your skills and strengths, therefore, it is important to add highlight certain accomplishments that present a comprehensive picture of your marketability.
  4. Use Strong Action Verbs
    It is advisable to use powerful and job relevant action verbs in your resume to showcase your skills and abilities in an effective way.
  5. Build a Targeted Resume
    It is important prepare a new and targeted resume for every position you apply for even if you are applying for a same position at a different organization.
  6. Avoid Generic Skills
    Don’t waste your time and precious space of your resume in mentioning generic and irrelevant skills. Mention only those skills which are relevant to the position in consideration and are demanded by the prospective employer.
  7. Use Professional Terminology
    While writing a resume keep your tone professional and use job related terminologies as it will give an impression that the candidate is excellently knowledgeable about the position in consideration.
  8. Keep the Layout Simple
    When writing a resume it’s important to choose a basic font and format that is easy to read for the employer. You can also use bullets and bold headings to attract attention where required.
  9. Go through Sample Resumes
    Before you start writing or updating your resume, go through some resume that fit a variety of employment situations. Then select a style and format that best highlights your skills and achievements.
  10. Prioritize the Content
    Before writing a resume it is important to prioritize the content so that your most important and relevant experience is listed first along with accomplishments listed with each position.