Top 10 Resume Mistakes


Writing a perfect resume for any position is a difficult task. Most of the times, a candidate is perfect for a position but due to an unfocused and non job targeted resume, his/her resume is rejected.

In order to come up with an error free and successful resume it is important to know common mistakes people make in resume writing and avoid them!

Below are some of the most common mistakes candidates make when writing a resume are:

Top 10 Resume Mistakes

1. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Typos and grammatical errors in your resume is gives a reflection of an non-professional candidate. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that your resume is free of such mistakes.

2. Missing Dates

Missing dates in your resume is a most common mistakes. Candidate soften forget to mention date in their experience section. So it is important to mention dates of your previous work clearly.

3. Inconsistent Layout

Never use different font sizes, styles and bullet styles in your resume as it completely ruins your otherwise excellent resume.

4. Too Much Focus on Job Duties
Employers are not interested to know what you were supposed to do every day during you previous employment. So there is no need to mention your duties rather you should mention what you accomplished and how well you did it.

5. Leaving Off Job Relevant Information

Do not mention those skills or qualifications in your resume which are irrelevant to the position in consideration. Before writing your resume, read the job requirements issued by the employer carefully and mention only those skills that are relevant to the position and are demanded by the prospective employer.

6. Adding Personal Details

Don’t waste the precious space of your resume in mentioning irrelevant information like nationality, marital status, no of children etc. There is an exception of federal resumes in this case.

7. Attempting to Create an All Purpose Resume

Most one-size-fits-all resumes end up in the garbage. Those resumes which are not job specific are usually treated as junk and are discarded right away. So in order to compose a successful resume, make it tailored and employer-centered.

8. A Self Centered Objective Statement

In modern resume career objectives are replaced by profile summaries.  However, if you are an entry level candidate or are going for a career change, then you should come up with an employer centered objective statement which states what can to do for the prospective organization if employed.

9. Using a Non Professional E-Mail Address
Resume is a professional document and mentioning non-professional email IDs like ‘princessgirl420’ or ‘cool770’ must be strictly avoided.

10. Writing a Very Long Resume


One page is the general rule for resume length, not any shorter or longer. If you go on for too long, the hiring manager or recruiter gets bored and moves on. If your resume is too short, they will think you don t have enough to offer. You want your resume to be just the right length.