Sample Resume for Chemical Operator with No Experience


A chemical operator oversees the personnel and equipment necessary to run a chemical manufacturing operation. Their main responsibility is to improve plant quality, efficiency and safety.

Chemical Operators help to other members of the production team by cleaning, preparing, repairing, and monitoring the heavy machines used to mix and process chemicals. Their duties also include operating forklifts daily, mixing and handling chemicals, recording information and observations relating to the mixing process, making sure batch temps were correct according to batch requirements, and helping train new employees.

To work as a chemical operator, a person should hold a degree in chemical technology or business administration.

Given below is a sample resume for a chemical operator with no experience:
Sample Resume for Chemical Operator with No Experience
David Smith
152 Sample Street
Austin, Texas 12345
(000) 999-9999



A highly enthusiastic chemical operator capable of operating as well as calibrating chemical plant systems and equipment. Excellent ability to work with numerous chemicals. Capable of drawing and analyzing the samples. Effectively able to regulate equipment by controlling gauges. Proficient in operating panelboards and control boards related to chemical plan systems.


ABC High School, Austin, Texas – 2018
High School Diploma


(Write if any)


Apprentice| 11/2018 – 4/2019
ABC Company, Austin, Texas


• Cleaned equipment according to procedures and packing final product per process.
• Assisted other team members to complete the production process.
• Followed written and verbal procedures in order to ensure product quality.
• Weighed the required amount of raw materials and added them to mixing vessels.
• Turned valves to regulate flow of products through agitator tanks, storage drums, or neutralizer tanks.
• Drew samples of products for analysis.
• Reported accidents, safety violations, or other concerns.
• Loaded and unloaded of raw material, final product, and waste.
• Kept records and tracked inventory and prepared reports to summarize.

Reactor Maintenance Chemicals Handling Sample Analysis
Calibration Test Reviews Plant Regulation
Valves Maintenance Instrument Readings Power Adjustment
Sample Collection Product Handling Emergency Handling