Resume Templates for a Musician


A resume is the most important document for a job seeker. If you want to apply for a musician position then you need a well-tailored resume. Before writing a resume go through the job requirements issued by the employer thoroughly and then choose those skills from your profile which are most relevant to the employer’s demands. Professional skills or key capabilities should be stated very smartly. You can also use industry specific keywords to portray a powerful image. Also, don’t forget to mention the name of the position being sought.

Following are two example resumes for a musician to assist you further.

Musician Resume Sample 1

465 Case Street ~ Honolulu, Hawaii 75657
☎ (868) 345-3437 ✉
 Walter Smith


Highly skilled and creative minded individual with intensive experience in synchronized singing and instrument playing with musical orchestras. Capable of composing original, thematic music and playing covers for live audiences. Expert in providing background music for ballets and theatrical performances. Proficient at coordinating, arranging and leading musical shows.


♪ Live Music Shows ♪ Choir/Band Auditioning ♪ Gig Booking
♪ Piano ♪ Guitar ♪ Drums
♪ Talent Sharpening ♪ Background Mixing ♪ Thematic Composition
♪ Choir Leading ♪ Cover Singing ♪ Solo Vocals

• Composed, recorded and vocalized 4 original jingles for TV advertisements.
• Improvised a college based choir performance with 15+ singers and players efficiently in a very short period of time.
• Raised money for charity purposes through a 2 hour concert including live cover and original performances.
• Formed a band in March 2012, have performed 20-30 concerts with nationally recognized and local acts at various venues


Musician | AAA Arts Theater, Honolulu, Hawaii | April 2013 to Present

• Managed performance contracts and schedules.
• Administered and trained singing bands, orchestras and student choirs for musical performances.
• Compose and record bass lines for different musical genres using Logic Pro X Software.
• Perform in various local and international musical groups in a variety of events, concerts and recording sessions.

Musician | AAA Music Group, Honolulu, Hawaii | January 2011  to March 2013

• Kept all the musical instruments in proper working order.
• Composed music for different groups in instrumental or vocal performances
• Provide musical services for event including weddings.

THE COLLEGE OF ARTS, Honolulu, Hawaii , 2010

• International Association of Musicians (IAM)
• American Society for Music and Dance (ASMD)

Musician Resume Sample 2


John Anderson 

762 Sixth Avenue, Tallahassee, Florida 90823
Cellular: (657) 897-8798, Email:


PROFILE SUMMARY: Substantial knowledge of jazz and rock music genres with particular interest in improvisation and combination of various musical types. Specifically skilled in playing piano, guitar, flute and violin. Proficient at composing and writing lyrics




Composer | AAA Music Company, Tallahassee, Florida | March 2015 – Present

• Led a team of musicians and received 1st prize in Battle of the Bands.
• Performed events with award winning jazz combo such as prep jazz combo and City jazz combo.
• Play instruments and sing covers during live musical performances.
• Composed and digitally recorded music.

Music Teacher | ABC Music Institute , Tallahassee, Florida | May 2013 – February 2015

• Taught students to read notations, tabs and chord charts.
• Helped students in selecting and playing instrument of choice.
• Trained students in performance, improvisation and composition.
• Led rehearsals for choirs, worship bands and visiting musicians,
• Received Teacher of the Month Award twice during my work.


• Improvisation and fusion
• Instrumental musical education
• Music learning theory
• MIDI (music technology)



The School of Music, Tallahassee, Florida
Masters of Arts
Major: Music Education