Resume Sample for Window and Door Installer


Window and door installers are responsible for removing old windows, doors and frames of homes and buildings and replace them with new ones. These individuals work on new buildings and fix issues from previous installations that were done incorrectly or are damaged.

As a window and door installer, you will be required to perform various duties like removing old windows, using power tools, taking accurate measurements, fixing units, sealing fittings, transporting supplies, and keeping the job site clean.

Installing doors and windows is a physically demanding job that might require heavy lifting and climbing. Therefore, an individual working in this capacity should have skills like dexterity, physical fitness, stamina along with attention to safety, the ability to work at heights, teamwork, customer-oriented, and deep knowledge of the tools and equipment used in this work, and ways to maintain them.

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required to work in capacity of a window and door installer. However, some experience in this regard, or an apprenticeship role is a bonus and it will help you get the job.

Resume Sample for Window and Door Installer

Taylor Bill
1245 Seventh Street, Atlanta Georgia 12345
(012) 345-6789
A seasoned window and door installer with excellent ability to install windows and doors in homes and buildings. Skilled at determining client requirements and following blueprints. Proven ability to take accurate measurements using levels rulers and other measurement tools. Proficient in correcting issues from prior bad installations done by others. A physically fit individual capable of heavy lifting and climbing.


Job Site Prep Tools Use Equipment Maintenance
Modifications Renovations Measurements Handling
Inventory Management Apprentice Training Trim Installation
Customer Satisfaction Cost Estimation Capping

• Installed windows for companies with 50+ floors.
• Lifted up to and over 65 lbs every day.
• Trained 35 apprentices in handling windows and door installation work.

Window and Door Installer
ABC Installers, Atlanta Georgia 2016-present

• Confer with clients to determine their requirements regarding installations.
• Inspect the doorways frames and windows for installation purposes.
• Determine budgets, and create fee estimates to meet clients’ particular budgetary limitations.
• Follow blueprints to meet the needs of clients.
• Use various hand and power tools to perform installations.
• Remove old frames as needed and install new ones.
• Make sure that all the installation work is carried by protecting the customer’s belonging at the job site.

ABC Company, Atlanta Georgia 2014-2016

• Collected and delivered all necessary materials to job sites.
• Communicated with clients regarding the installation schedule.
• Kept a clean environment both on job-site.
• Assisted with alignment, movement, or adjustment of the installation.
• Prepared reports of the installation and the repair work done on the site.
• Performed finishing work on windows to give them a clean and neat touch as instructed.


High School Diploma
AAA High School, Atlanta Georgia – 2012