Resume Sample for Fire Alarm Technician

A fire alarm technician is responsible for designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing fire alarm systems within residential and commercial facilities.
These technicians review the electrical layouts to make sure that building’s fire alarm systems are in compliance with electrical and fire safety codes. They coordinate with clients to make sure that all fire alarm systems are installed and working properly. Furthermore, they are also responsible for performing inspections, testing the system, repairing any problems and replacing defective parts.
Working as a fire alarm technician requires an associate degree or an equivalent Electronic Security Association (ESA) approved certification.
In addition, an individual working in this capacity should have sufficient knowledge of installation and operations of electrical and electronic systems and should be skilled in using various tools and equipment coupled with strong organizational, customer service, communication skills, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
A  sample resume for the position of a fire alarm technician is given below:
Resume Sample for Fire Alarm Technician
Ewan Thompson
672 Pearl Road, Phoenix, Arizona 12345
(012) 345-6789
A dedicated and self-motivated fire alarm technician experienced in performing installations, repair work and preventative maintenance on fire alarms of different complexities. Proficient at selecting and utilizing the correct tools for particular installations with efficiency.  Capable of working with latest and advanced fire alarm systems.


• Blueprint Comprehension • Control Panel Management • Customer Liaison
• Cable Feeding • Tools Use • Cable Laying
• Systems Examination • Troubleshooting • Downtime Minimization
• Backup Testing • Plans Building • Inventory Oversight
• Troubleshot a particularly difficult problem with the fire alarm system, while ensuring zero downtime.
• Implemented an examination system which resulted in decreased system downtime incidents.
• Devised a control panel management standard, as a result, increased efficiency.
Fire Alarm Technician
The Fire and Security Company., Phoenix, Arizona     2015-present
• Consult with clients to evaluate risks and to determine security requirements.
• Visit sites and perform inspections of buildings to assess what materials are required.
• Provide clients with cost estimates for system installation.
• Drill walls or ceiling to place electrical wiring and circuits.
• Install systems and connect electrical wire and cable to the system.
• Inspect the installed fire alarm systems to make sure that they are working properly.
• Demonstrate the correct use of alarm systems to the customers.
• Examine and test the system to find any loose connections or circuit malfunctions.
• Repair wires and circuits and replace defective components.
Fire Alarm Apprentice
ABC Company, Phoenix, Arizona           2014-2015
• Cleaned work areas in order to get them ready.
• Assisted the technician in gathering tools and materials such as drills, nails, cables, and wires.
• Drilled holes in walls or ceiling to place electrical wiring and circuits.
• Prepared documents such as invoices and warranty.
• Ordered and store fire alarm parts.
• Oversaw parts and equipment inventory.
High School Diploma
ABC High School, Phoenix, Arizona – 2010