Recreation Director Cover Letter Sample


Recreation Directors are employed by recreation facilities, community centers and residential homes for seniors or disabled people where they are responsible for performing various tasks such as planning recreation programs, promoting special events, recruiting employees, and developing budgets.
While applying for the position of a recreation director, you must accompany your resume with a well-crafted cover letter. A cover letter for such position should highlight your job relevant skills in such a manner that convinces the employer that you are the right choice for the job.
In order to compose a successful cover letter for the position of a Recreation Directors, you have to understand the demands of the employer and then highlight those skills and competencies that are demanded by the hiring manager. Also, support your claims by mentioning some relevant examples. Some of the skills that you can mention in your recreation director cover letter include leadership, recreation activities experience, communication and interpersonal skills, organization, budgeting, and computer competencies.
Take a look at the following cover letter sample for the position of a recreation director. It will help you further in this regard:
Recreation Director Cover Letter Sample

November 17, 2017

Mr. James Adam
HR Manager
ABC Company
332 Case Street
Austin, Texas 78273

Dear Mr. Adam:
I am writing in response of your recent advertisement for the vacancy of Recreation Director at ABC company. With strong leadership skills, recreation activities experience and communication and interpersonal skills, I believe that i will be a perfect addition to your team. Therefore, I am writing to formally apply for this position.

Following are some of my skills and abilities that might be of interest for you:

⦁ Highly experienced in planning and organizing recreation programs
⦁ Able to understand recreation needs of different types of people
⦁ Expertise in designing different types of recreation programs
⦁ Strong communication and interpersonal skills
⦁ Highly creative in developing new games and activities’
⦁ Proficient with MS office and database applications

My resume is also attached for your perusal. As an enthusiastic and skilled individual, I will appreciate a chance of meeting with you to discuss this position in detail. I will call your office after 4 days for follow up. In the interim if you require any additional information regarding my profile, you can contact me at (834)284-2947 or via email at .

Thank you for your time and thoughts.



Encl. Resume