Public Relations Associate Job Description


Public Relations Associates are employed by a variety of organizations or by independent PR firms and are responsible for generating business by marketing and promotional activities and promoting a positive image of their clients. Duties of a Public Relations Associates include implementing PR strategies, writing press releases, analyzing media coverage, organizing events, and serving as a spokesperson in case of crisis.

In order to work as a PR Associate, one should possess skills including excellent written and oral communication skills, writing skills, networking, time management, decision-making abilities, teamwork, ability to work independently and computer proficiency. Minimum education requirement for this position is a Bachelor’s Degree in communication or a similar field.

If you are interested in this position then you will also be interested in knowing what duties these individuals are required to perform. Given below is a list of duties that PR Associates are required to carry out:


Public Relations Associate Job Description
• Assist the public relations managers in developing and implementing public relations programs.
• Develop PR campaigns and media relations strategies
• Devise optimal communications strategies to reach target audiences
• Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. marketing) and maintain open communication with senior management
• Edit and update promotional material and publications (brochures, videos, social media posts etc.)
• Track media coverage and follow industry trends
• Respond to media and public inquiries
• Arrange interviews with media outlets
• Prepare and distribute press releases
• Assist both marketing and sales in all public relations and marketing efforts
• Write speeches and oversee the development of visual and multimedia aids for client presentations
• Public speaking on behalf of clients at press conferences, media interviews, and presentations
• Organize and manage special client events, such as open days, conferences, and fundraisers
• Develop risk assessments and crisis management plans, and implement them to protect clients’ reputations
• Undertake general administrative and clerical duties