Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Example


A cover letter is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. Accompanying an excellently written resume with a poorly written cover letter is a big mistake. Therefore your cover letter is equally important as your resume.

An cover letter for pharmaceutical sales position should be written in such a way that it directly addresses the concerned person and speaks to the hiring firm’s requirements. Your cover letter should demonstrate your relevant skills and should communicate your interest in the position under consideration.

Below is an excellent cover letter sample for pharmaceutical sales position that will assist you in writing one for yourself:

Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Example

Jonathan Banks

3864 Lake Avenue • Honolulu, Hawaii 38762 • (632) 632-9275 •

February 18, 2018

Mr. Sam Neil
HR Manager
ABC Company
386 Seventh Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 38219

Dear Mr. Neil:

I am writing this letter in response of your recent advertisement for the currently available pharmaceutical sales position at ABC Company. With ability to sell, networking, persuasion, attention to details, strong communication and interpersonal abilities, and a professional appearance, I believe that I would be a perfect addition to your team.
Listed below are some of my skills that might be of interest for you:

✔ Highly motivated and target driven with a proven track record in sales
✔Excellent communication, negotiation and sales skills
✔ Familiarity with databases, statistics, product lines and latest medical issues
✔ Strong organisational and time management skills

I hold a degree in Marketing and Sales and possess six years’ working experience. Through my intensive experience, I have polished my negotiation and convincing skills. My track record for keeping existing clients and bringing new customers on board is outstanding. I look to your company , as I have long wanted to work for the best pharmaceutical company in the country.

My resume is also attached for your perusal.As an enthusiastic candidate I would appreciate a chance of meeting with you to discuss this position in detail. I will call you after 4 days to see if it is possible to arrange a meeting at the time of your convenience. In the meantime, if you require any additional information regarding my profile, you can contact me at (632) 632-9275.




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