Pet Shop Assistant Resume Sample


Pet shop assistants work in shops caring for live animals and selling them as household pets. They are responsible for daily upkeep of the store. They sell animals, fish, birds, rabbits, reptiles and insects. They also sell pet supplies including food, accessories and bedding medicine, toys, carriers, and educational books and videos.

Pet shop assistants keep the store, aquariums, and animal cages clean and sanitized. They also look after the health of the pets for sale, change beddings, and restrain animals when required. Their duties also include feeding, cleaning and grooming animals, cleaning and tidying shop, stocking shelves, and maintaining records.

They also work with customers, answering questions, advising customers how to look after the animals they buy, and offering animal care advice.

Typically, a high school diploma is required to work in this capacity. However, previous experience counts for a lot.

If you want to work as a pet shop assistant, you may want to have a look at the following list of duties for this position:


Pet Shop Assistant Resume Sample


Alycia Hutcherson
837 Case Street, Houston, Texas 294724
(927) 248-9362



Highly focused and dedicated pet shop assistant skilled in looking after animals and providing them with love and care. Capable of providing exceptional service to pet customers along with their human companions.


• Animal Care • Medication Administering • Customer Services
• Exercise Regimes • Retail Assistance • Stock Levels Oversight
• Health Checks • Emergency Response • Customer Education
• Behavior Management • Cleaning and Disinfection • Grooming


• Earned18-20% of weekly revenue via sales of add-on services
• Received ‘Employee of the Month’ award in January 2010.
• Introduced the concept of sanitization, owing to which diseases incidents were reduced.
• Increased number of return customers by an average of 6 per month.


Pet Shop Assistant
Pet House, Houston, Texas | 2017-present
• Greet customers, answer phone calls, and provide animal care advice.
• Groom and bathe a variety of animals on a rotating basis.
• Administer medication upon vets’ orders.
• Oversee supplies for example food, bedding, and medicines
• Repair and disinfect animal cages on a regular basis.
• Inspect animals for signs of injury or infection as needed.
• Maintain a positive, enthusiastic attitude when in the workplace.
• Train new employees on the services the company provided.

Love n Pets Shop, Houston, Texas | 2015-2017
• Handled the stocking of the store by unloading delivery trucks.
• Stocked all the shelves with freshly rotated products.
• Helped pets find the perfect chew or toy and to be engaged at all times
• Managed and trained staff, kept financial logs, ordered supplies
• Treated animals with germicides and insecticides as required.


High School Diploma
City High School, Houston, Texas – 2015