Sample Cover Letter for School Nurse Position


This may come as the surprise but nurses usually do not always work throughout hospitals and treatment centers. The need for nurses in a academic setting is quite high due to many emergencies that could arise in a building full of little children and over 16.

School nurses are responsible for administering medication for you to students who could possibly be suffering from various diseases. They may also work for the well staying of children who do not have any health issues but are prone to diseases simply because the are in a breeding ground where many different types of children survive.

If you are a qualified nurse and registered in the state you are applying from, you might like to have a look at this cover letter to help you out in getting a position of School Health professional position.

School Nurse Cover letter Sample

334 Windridge Lane
Waterbury, VT 53633

April 24, 2015

Mr. Owen Wilson
Manager Hr
Waterbury High University
222 Hopkins Road
Waterbury, VT 63733

Dear Mr. Wilson:

As an extremely committed and experienced registered nurse with over eight years of experience getting work done in pediatric field, I’m seeking a position being a School Nurse with Waterbury Secondary school. I believe i always can make a tremendous contribution to your own school utilizing my wide experience with both kids and young grown ups.

As you evaluation my resume, you will note that I have been involved in numerous programs that showcase and protect health status of school going children. Using a strong background throughout working at educative institutes, I hold the knowledge of observing children for both developmental issues along with health patterns which enables it to identify most abnormal health issues at the very first assessment. I have also been involved in several campus activities which usually facilitate the elimination of health related obstacles that may perhaps affect a child’s efficiency in school.

I am self-confident that my passion for health services administration along with a keen ability to handle complex health problems in students will end up being an asset in managing medical services provision pictures school. I could possibly be contacted at (301) 333-3333 as well as jennifer. co @ myemail. com to provide any further information you’ll need.

Thank you before hand for your consideration. I look forward to actually talking to you soon.



Jennifer Collinworth