Visual Merchandiser Job Description for Resume Sample


Although visual merchandizers would not have anything to do using the sales and marketing teams of your company directly, they help in considerably increasing a company’s sales. Visual merchandisers usually work in the fashion industry where their main job is to make sure that the visual appearance of your shop – usually the display screen – is estimated properly. But dressing mannequins is not all that they will do. Visual merchandisers are responsible for making the company’s products appealing to customers.

Since eye finding and catching visual displays entice customers to buy products (even as long as they don’t need them), it is importance to companies to hire people to make sure that this is feasible. Imagine passing with a shop and seeing the black and also red dress you have always wanted draped beautifully on a mannequin. You will be tempted to be put in right? Right! That is the effect visual exhibits have on customers and that’s what visual merchandisers must make sure transpires!

Visual merchandisers tend not to only handle graphic displays; they also assist customers into the shop by helping them in dressing rooms and in some cases handling the check out at times. Since this work requires that you be extremely buyer oriented, it is important every single child exercise tact and patience making sure that customer satisfaction could be ensured.

Visual Merchandiser Work Description and Activities


• Conceptualize graphic merchandising strategies and make certain that their implementation is done in a beneficial manner
• Devise ideas to encompass the particular store’s complete look in terms of visual appearance
• Make selections pertaining to kinds of mannequins will be displayed in the display window
• Dress mannequins in clothes that are with top range within the particular store
• Make certain that other decorations about the window display are handled in a aesthetically pleasing manner
• Ensure which mannequins that work well with the firm image are procured in a time efficient manner
• Devise fresh ideas for screen displays and promo concepts
• Formulate and also implement marketing gimmicks having a view to bring in customers to step into the shop
• Make certain that the store setting is welcoming and also ambient
• Ensure that store displays are changed according to weekly, monthly or seasonal themes
• Interact with customers to discover changes that ought to be made to make the store more attractive
• Handle supply management and stocking actions
• Ensure which both window show and store locations are kept clear and functional always
• Make sure window displays show the style and message of the company.