Merchandiser Resume Sample


Merchandisers work in the retail industry where they are responsible for handling product displays, inventory, and promotions. These professionals make sure that the right amount of right products are in stock and they are displayed in a visually appealing manner on the shelves in order to attract customers and optimize sales. They also analyze sales data to identify best-selling lines and to develop promotional strategies.

To work as a Merchandiser, one should have excellent oral and written communication skills, networking skills, strategic planning, commercial awareness, business acumen, and a service-oriented approach.

A degree in retail management and previous experience in the field is generally required for the position of merchandiser.

Merchandiser Resume Sample

Sarah Moore
765 Seventh Street, Tallahassee, FL 12345
(012) 345-6789
Sarah.Moore @ email. com


Hard-working and goal-oriented Merchandiser with 6+ years of extensive experience in handling product displays, inventory, and promotions. Effectively able to liaise with buyers, suppliers, analysts, and retail teams to have the right products in stock at the appropriate time. Proficient in developing and implementing merchandising and promotional strategies to optimize sales. Specialized skills in analyzing data, forecasting sales, and planning budgets.

• Visual Merchandising • Merchandising Strategies
• Production Needs Assessment • Budget Planning
• Vendor Relations • Inventory Management
• Stock Allocation • Price Setting
• Sales Analysis • Market Research

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ABC Company, Tallahassee, FL | March 2017– Present

⦁ Develop and implement merchandising strategies to optimize sales and profit.
⦁ Analyze and track sales figures, and market trends to plan products and product ranges.
⦁ Collaborate with vendors, suppliers, and distributors to ensure delivery of supplies on time.
⦁ Negotiate deals, lowest prices, quantities, and time scales.
⦁ Put up promotional signs and arrange lighting installations to highlight promotional materials to get customers’ attention

XYZ Company, Tallahassee, FL | January 2014 – February 2017

⦁ Displayed and arranged products on the store shelves in an attractive and visually appealing manner.
⦁ Monitored store inventory and made sure that stores are stocked with the right amount of products.
⦁ Assess the effectiveness of different product displays on sales and profit.
⦁ Observed customer behavior and reviewed their feedback to determine product demand and sales trends.
⦁ Forecasted sales and planned budget
⦁ Put up promotional material such as banners and signs.

Merchandising Assistant
Sample Company, Tallahassee, FL | September 2012– December 2013

⦁ Assisted in developing merchandising strategies for optimizing sales.
⦁ Assisted in analyzing sales records, forecasting sales, and selecting products and product lines.
⦁ Maintained awareness of competitors’ performance in the market.
⦁ Maintained and monitored stock levels and movements.
⦁ Maintained the storage areas clean and organized

Bachelor of Business Administration
Sample Business School, Tallahassee, FL– 2010