Medication Aide Sample Resume


Medication aides are responsible for distributing medication to patients. These professionals are required to administer prescribed medications and read MARs to verify patient information.

General duties of medication aides include taking vital signs, administering medication, observing patients’ health, reporting changes, collecting samples, and maintaining records.

If you are willing to pursue your career as a medication aide, you must poses substantial knowledge of the classifications and side effects of drugs, knowledge of patient care procedures, familiarity with medical and pharmacological terminology., and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Medication Aide Sample Resume

John Doe
384 Case Street, Austin, Texas 48937

A skilled and hardworking individual with more than 6 years of progressive experience working as a medication aide. Capable of comparing prescribed medicines with patients’ charts for the verification process. Proficient in administrating patients’ medication and maintaining their medical records. Knowledgeable about patient care procedures, and familiar with medical terminologies, and the classifications and side effects of drugs.


• Medication Administration• Vital Signs 
• Emergency Care• Ingestion Instruction
• Glucose Testing• Records/Logs Management

Mention your accomplishments here.

Medication Aide 
ABC Hospital, Austin, Texas
September 2017 – Present
• Take and record patients’ vital signs.
• Compare prescribed medicines with patients’ charts for the verification process.
• Take and Secure blood and urine samples for testing purposes.
• Administer medication, observe patients’ health, and report changes.
• Distribute medicines from storage areas to rooms, and wards.
• Maintain stock of drugs and ensure that storage is in accordance with prescribed conditions of temperature.

Medication Aide 
XYZ Healthcare Facility, Austin, Texas
January 2014 – August 2017

• Took and recorded patients’ vitals.
• Administeres patients’ medication and maintained their medical records.
• Observed the ingestion of medication to ensure patient wellbeing.
• Handled medicine inventory and procurement services.
• Handled any near expiry or expired medicines according to hospital policy.

High School Diploma
ABC High School, Austin, Texas – 2013