Sample Brand Manager Resume


Brand managers are responsible for promoting the products and services of a company. General duties include monitoring market trends, coming up with marketing strategies, assisting in creating advertisements, and designing innovative market campaigns to attract customers and build a positive and outward brand image.

Exceptional written and oral communication skills are a must-have for a brand manager. Creativity, innovative thinking, business acumen, and sales orientation are also important skills for this position.

A Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or advertising is required for this position.

Sample Brand Manager Resume

Ronald Smith
398 Case Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37138
(235) 125-7954


A innovative and result-oritented Brand Manager with with 8 years of progressive experience in developing marketing plans and comprehensive strategies to build a positive brand image. Talented at analyzing buying patterns, market trends and competetive product to provide recommendations on product features and pricing. Excellent communication skills and ability to build and maintain positive relationship with internal and external stakeholders.


Strategic PlanningMarket Analysis
Marketing Campaign ManagementSEO Strategies
Project ManagementTeam Leadership

Brand Manager
XYZ Store,
Nashville, Tennessee
2018 – Present
• Analyze market trends and buying patterns.
• Come up with creative and unique marketing strategies to attract customers.
• Suggest product features and prices after analyzing market data.
• Design matketing campaigns and arrange other promotional activiteis to uild a positve brand image.
• Evaluate performance of marketing projects and analyze sales data.
• Participate in product forecasting, budget tracking, and determining sales expectations.

Associate Brand Manager
ABC Company,
Nashville, Tennessee
2014 – 2018

• Assisted in designing product promotional strategies.
• Conducted consumer trends and market behaviors to ensure that products meet customer requirements
• Assisted in planning promotional activities and advertisememmts.
• Assisted in creating packaging, and setting product prices.
• Managed brand initiatives and monitored brand’s media activity.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies
STATE UNIVERSITY, Nashville, Tennessee – 2014