Fleet Manager Resume Sample


Fleet managers work for companies that discrete vehicles on rent. They may work in companies who have their own fleet of vehicles for being managed.

Regardless from the environment they perform in, fleet managers need to be extremely organized as be the first demand with this position.

Let us have a look at a fleet manager’s job application sample that represents all qualities in addition to experiences that someone applying for this position is anticipated to have

Fleet Manager Resume Sample

Laurel Make

2 Linden Method, Texarkana, AR 53432
(309) 222-3333, Mail

To obtain a Fleet Manager place with Morvich Logistics using organizational acumen and to be able to manage load information effectively so that you can organize the company’s fleet of vehicles.

• Six years of verified ability of managing daily maintenance in addition to repair operations associated with vehicle fleets
• Face to face experience of analyzing and maintaining merchant relationships
• Detailed knowledge of conspiring accident repair management
• Highly knowledgeable in determining resources and training needs for staff

• Placed the interactive system that directs vehicle, equipment and fueling capability maintenance activities inside a semi-automated manner
• Created liaison with all major parts and tools vendors producing acquisition of equally or either inside a time-efficient manner

Marten Move – Texarkana, AR
Fast Manager | Feb . 2008 – Goal 2014
• Given vehicle and apparatus acquisition and replacing programs
• Organized fleet operating in addition to capital budgets
• Reviewed and analyzed business costs
• Founded productivity and excellent standards for fleet activities
• Organized specifications for completely new vehicle acquisition
• Preserved liaison with sellers for tools in addition to parts
• Designed and implemented education programs

State of arizona State University – Texarkana, AR
Bachelor in Management Sciences – 2006
GPA: 3. 9


• Good oral and published communication skills
• Familiarity with auto repair in addition to automotive industry
• Capability to think out-of-the-box
• Excellent power to self-manage and help make decisions
• Strong leadership skills.