Fleet Manager Cover Letter Sample


Working as being a fleet manager requires anyone to direct functions of an fleet system which may include transit vehicles including cabs, buses and also company owned autos. They purchase and also lease appropriate automobiles and organize replacements and disposals of damaged ones.

This job requires anyone be organized and possess excellent communication abilities. The following resume cover letter portrays these skills and even more. Have a check out see if you can use this to give an example for your own resume cover letter when applying.

Fleet Manager Cover letter Sample

34Shoppingway Boulevard
Western side Memphis, AR 54545

Goal 23, 2013

Mr. Scot Foster
Manager HR
Creech Logistics
65789 Flakewood Road
West Memphis, AR 54745

Dear Mr. Robert:

I’m writing to follow-up on the telephone conversation that individuals had regarding the positioning of a Fleet Manager at Creech Logistics. Having a strong foundation of administering vehicles and also equipment management applications, I stand poised to bring these skills and even more to your organization.

I have been trained in performing mid-range and also long-range planning of fleet activities and may establish fleet goals and objectives in a effective manner. Arranging, scheduling, coordinating and employing vehicle acquisition is “all in the day’s work” for me as I have acute expertise in developing and giving fleet policies and also procedures. Additionally, my expertise with communication assists me in creating and owning a close liaison with employees and external organizations and preparing and analyzing a number of information.

I have investigated Creech Logistics extensively plus it makes me happy to know that we may have enable you to contribute to the success. I will phone you again to look for an interview date and may be reached with (111) 222-3333if you need to contact me. Thank you for your time in reviewing my application with this position.



Rowan Atkinson.