Resume Sample For Loss Preservation Associate


When writing a resume for loss prevention position, you should focus on your abilities in examining the work place to reduce potential losses. Also, highlight your skills to meet or exceed the loss prevention targets by thorough analysis, training of co-workers and addressing relevant problems. Keep the format simple yet attractive.

Remember to attach a Loss Preservation Cover Letter coupled with a resume while sending your job application.

Subsequent is an excellent resume sample for Loss Preservation Associate which will assist you write your own.


Resume Sample For Loss Preservation Associate


John William

425 Case Street,

Austin, Texas 73930

(738) 734-6754,


Offering remarkable analytical and observation skills to minimize the losses and enhance the company’s profitability.


 Over 6 years of thorough experience in helping recruiters in the safety and protection of their belongings and goods. Familiar with Austin criminal law and scrutiny principles. Efficiently performs inspection activities through patrolling and video systems. A highly motivated individual who is known for making right decisions under pressure. Expert in identification and capture of external theft. Special ability of investigating frauds and recovering stolen items.

• Implemented resourceful methods of loss prevention – Minimized internal and external theft by 40%
• [Other achievements here]


March 2006 – Present
ABC Store – Austin, Texas
Loss Prevention Specialist
• Identify and arrest shoplifters.
• Perform camera inspection.
• Respond to all calls of emergency situation.
• Open and close the store.
• Identify and investigate fraudulent workers.
• Provide physical security.
• Perform operational audits.
• Insist on stock protection standards.
• Conduct consciousness training.

November 2003 –March 2006
XXX Organization – Austin, Texas
Loss Prevention Agent
• Monitored the store and stood at allotted locations.
• Noted and warned individuals involved in unlawful activities.
• Supervised closed circuit television systems.
• Helped store with investigations.
• Organized store shortage committees for meeting compliance and effectiveness.
• Analysed loss prevention exception reports.

Diploma: CITY HIGH SCHOOL,Austin, Texas, 2003

Special courses in modern loss prevention strategies

• Friendly and respectful behavior.
• Strong report writing skills.
• Ability to work separately, team player, self-starter.
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills.


Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook