Resume Example for Loss Prevention Manager


Loss Prevention Managers are the professionals who are responsible for protecting a company’s assets from theft or other types of loss. Writing a resume that is good enough for securing this job has become a dificult task in today’s competitive job market.

Here we provide you with some tips that will help you create a powerful and successful resume for the position of a Loss Prevention Manager:

● Choose a format for your resume that highlights your skills and qualities in the best way.

● After going through the issued job description carefully. pick the most relevant skills and accomplishments from your profile and mention them in your resume.

● Make sure that your resume clear, concise and to-the-point. It should be visually appealing and easily understandable.

● Before submitting your resume, proofread it to make sure that it is free form any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Resume Example for Loss Prevention Manager

Silvester Smith

345 Noon Avenue| Atlanta, Georgia 76332 | (002) 454-7878 |


A well trained and experienced loss prevention professional capable of developing and implementing loss prevention strategies for the protection of assets. Well versed in detecting unusual incidents and perform investigative measures to prevent the possible loss. Expert in payroll expense management and auditing for internal and external thefts. Possess excellent communication skills and knowledge of safety methods along with great attention to details, an investigative nature, and teamwork ability.


• Familiar with security equipment and database
• Knowledgeable about, modern surveillance and anti-theft procedures
• Strong observation and critical thinking skills aimed at analyzing potentially detrimental situations
• Excellent written and oral communication skills


• Increased deterring of criminal activity by 50% by implementing training and through loss prevention procedures
• Reduced hiring costs by 27% by suggesting revolving shifts for all loss prevention associates on board
• United multiple loss prevention teams within the area to successfully identify a shoplifter who had gone undetected for 4 years


Loss Prevention Manager | |ABC Store, Atlanta, Georgia | March 2015 – Present

• Plan and supervise the unit’s loss prevention, safety, and emergency programs.
• Conduct audits and inspect operational procedures, shortage control procedures, and safety issues.
• Interact every day with security guards and review alarm problems if any.


Asst. Manager Loss Prevention | ABC Company, Atlanta, Georgia | May 2011–April 2015

• Patrolled the premises on a continuous basis to ensure the safety of patron and property
• Worked with loss prevention team to investigate and solve external theft or fraud cases
• Gathered and prepared needed documentation to support charges and purse resolution


B.S. Management | ACB University, Atlanta, Georgia| 2011