Sample Job Description for a Lobby Attendant


Lobby attendants work in hotels, apartments and office building. They play a primarily customer service role, greeting patrons at theatres and other public venues, assisting them in finding their seats, taking tickets and providing help to patrons with disabilities.

The responsibilities of a lobby attendant also include cleaning and maintaining the work area, answering guest questions, monitoring their behaviour, and enforcing safety rules.

Working as a lobby attendant can be very hard because on has to stand on one’s feet all the time. Therefore, physical strength and stamina is required for this job. Furthermore, an individual working in this position should have skills like customer service, ability to handle patrons, problem solving, professional attitude, and ability to stay calm under pressure.

As far as educational requirement is concerned, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a lobby attendant. However, previous experience does count. If you have worked in a custodial position before, it will brighten your chances of getting selected for the job.


If you want to work in the capacity of a Lobby Attendant, you might want to have a look at the following sample job description for the position in consideration:
Sample Job Description for a Lobby Attendant
• Greet patrons as they arrive.
• Provide customers with information, while remaining polite and helpful.
• Hold doors open for guests as they exit.
• Provide help to people coming on and off elevators.
• Help in locating lost or missing articles.
• Clean and maintain all lobbies and public restrooms.
• Sweep and mope carpets, lobby entrance.
• Keep all public areas neat, clean and dusted.
• Clean, sanitise and polish lobby floors.
• Clean lobby and place debris in trash receptacles.
• Empty ashtrays and urns.
• Polish furniture and fixtures.
• Inspect condition of furniture and report damages.
• Periodically check all lobby restrooms to ensure that they are well-stocked.
• Restock all supplies including toilet paper, soap and hand towels in the lobby wash rooms.
• Make sure mirrors, furniture, floors, elevators and doors are clean, as well as mark-free.
• Maintain and clean working equipment.
• Replenish tissues and other items required for public areas.
• Service the pool.
• Perform other job duties as requested by supervisors.