Lead Line Cook Resume Sample


A lead line cook is responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of kitchen operations. These professionals prepare food and sauces and assist head chefs with services.

General duties of lead line cooks include preparing food, following orders from supervisors, stocking workstations, maintaining inventory, complying with regulations.

A candidate for this position should exhibit exceptional culinary skills along with good communication as well as listening skills, time management, and with ability to work in a team. He/She should be able to follow directions and instructions. Since it is a physically demanding job, candidates must be physically fit and able to work in a standing position for long hours.

A two or four-year degree in a culinary program is required for the position of a lead line cook.

Lead Line Cook Resume Sample

Brooke Lemmons
940 Pine Avenue, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17122
(437) 028-9639


A hardworking and passionate individual with 7 years’ progressive cooking experience and exceptional culinary expertise. Skilled in preparing soups, salads, and sauces as per officially provided recipes and quality food standards. Talented at preparing dishes using various cooking methods such as grilling, frying, and sauteing, and plating and garnishing dishes according to the head chef’s instructions. An inborn leader capable of supervising the chain of food preparation work done by line cooks.


Food PreparationKitchen Sanitation
Safe Food HandlingEquipment Maintenance
Portion ManagementCook Line Restocking

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Lead Line Cook 
ABC Restaurant, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
January 2017 – Present
⦁ Supervise the chain of food preparation work done by line cooks.
⦁ Prepare food in accordance with quality food standards and written recipes.
⦁ Perform meal prepping duties including marinating meats, washing, peeling, cutting, and slicing vegetables and fruits.
⦁ Prepare soups, salads, and sauces, and assist the head cook or chef in preparing entrées.
⦁ Use various cooking methods such as frying, grilling, sauteing as specified in the recipes.
⦁ Plate and garnish meal items according to the instructions provided by the head chef.
⦁ Clean and sanitize workstations and cooking equipment.
⦁ Ensure that food health and safety regulations are followed.

Line Cook 
XYZ Hotel, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
April 2014 – January 2017
⦁ Assisted head chefs in preparing entrées.
⦁ Assisted chefs in preparing desserts.
⦁ Washed, peeled, cut, and sliced fruits and vegetables.
⦁ Schedules and supervised cooks improved recipes and made minor operational corrections.
⦁ Maintained clean and organized workstations.
⦁ Cleaned and sanitized cooking equipment.
⦁ Stocked workstations, and maintaining inventory.

Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts – 2014
City College, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania