Lead Line Cook Cover Letter Sample


A lead line cook is responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of kitchen operations. These professionals prepare food and sauces and assist head chefs with services.

General duties of lead line cooks include preparing food, following orders from supervisors, stocking workstations, maintaining inventory, complying with regulations.

A candidate for this position should exhibit exceptional culinary skills along with good communication as well as listening skills, time management, and with ability to work in a team. He/She should be able to follow directions and instructions. Since it is a physically demanding job, candidates must be physically fit and able to work in a standing position for long hours.

A two or four-year degree in a culinary program is required for the position of a lead line cook.

Lead Line Cook Cover Letter Sample

489 Case Street
Albany, New York 12214

January 10, 2021

Mr. Jason Torrence
HR Manager
The AAA Hotel
32 Lake Avenue
Albany, New York 12214

Dear Mr. Torrence:

I am very interested in your job posting for a Lead Cook Position at The AAA Hotel which I found on your website. My passion for cooking and relevant experience makes me a good fit for this position.

As it is evident from the attached resume, I possess the skills and expertise you expect from someone in this role. The following features are the reason to take a closer look at my credentials:

1) Demonstrated ability to prepare food as per written recipe and quality food standards.
2) Expert in creating exotically tasting salads, sauces, and soups and assisting head chefs in preparing entrees and desserts.
3) Well-versed at stocking workstations, maintaining inventory, cleaning and organizing work area and cooking equipment, and complying with health and safety regulations.

A meeting between us to discuss my credentials will benefit both of us. I plan to call your office next Thursday for a follow-up. In case you need to reach me earlier, you can call me at (349)159-7531.

In the meantime, thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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