Example Functional Resume for Legal Assistant Position


A functional resume focuses on the candidate’s skills and abilities, rather than on chronological work history. It is generally used by job seekers who are are looking to change career paths or who have gaps in their employment history. In this way, the focus is shifted to the relevant skills the candidate possesses.

For the position of a Legal Assistant, a skill based or a functional resume should state the candidates skills and show that what he can do for the prospective company instead of what he has been doing previously.

Below is an excellent example of functional resume for a legal assistant position for your assistance.


Example Functional Resume for Legal Assistant Position


James Carlos

798 Sample Street

Austin, Texas 78273

(783) 879-8982, James@email.com

OBJECTIVE: Highly skilled and experienced individual passionate to work with ABC Company in the capacity of a legal assistant. With expertise in business related lawful practices, I am certain in my ability to become an  important part of your team.


• Highly skilled in provision of legal assistance including creating, handling and processing of legal documents.
• Demonstrated skills in financial risk analysis and budget management.
• Substantial knowledge of fulfilling requirements for legal filing.
• Expert in managing legal files and documents.
• Excellent track record of completing the assigned tasks in a time-efficient manner.
• Profound ability to work accurately in accordance to the given instruction.
• Capable of meeting time targets and exceeding employer expectations.
• Functional computer skills in MS Office.


Legal Assistance
• Provided beneficial legal assistance to the organization which assisted in settlement of six pending cases successfully.

Financial Reporting
• Implemented a software for generating legal financial report at ABC Organization for smoothing the work operations.
• Generated over $108,000 in revenue annually.

Risk management
• Introduced advanced operational risk control methods at AAA Company and trained ten operational managers for the same.

Client relations
• Enhanced client relationships in person and by phone with sensitivity and confidentiality.


Legal Adviser | ABC Organization, Austin, Texas | March 2016 – Present
Legal Secretary | AAA Company, Houston, Texas| October 2013 – February 2016
Property Manager | XYZ Firm, Austin, Texas | January 2011 – September 2013



Certificate of legal assistance | ABC College, Austin, Texas | 2010
BS in Law | City University, Austin, Texas | 2009