Cover Letter For Legal Assistant Position


The subsequent cover letter for Legal Assistant Resume shows the candidate’s eagerness and capacity to help a legal professional with all duties regarding legal and paperwork matters such as finding your way through depositions, writing contracts for customers or attorneys, composing correspondence and handling the flow of phone calls, e-mail, and various newspaper work. This kind of cover letter will increase the possibility of an interview.


Lake Bell
256 Lake Avenue
Olympia, Washington  56723
(534) 565-2366
Lake @

November 21, 2014

Mr. Steve Doe
Legal professional at Law
AAA Law Group
256 North Street
Olympia, Washington  56723

Dear Mr. Doe:

My passion,experience in regulation and strong academic background makes me a strong candidate for a Legal Assistant position at AAA Law Group.

As indicated in my resume, I am expert in performing all types of legal assistance and secretarial tasks efficiently. Specifically, I am skilled at greeting customers, writing cover letters, taking minutes of meetings and responding phone calls and e-mail. I have demonstrated capability of assisting legal professional in completing and modifying documents, classifying and handling transactions and record productions for lawsuit. My personal detail orientated nature helps me pinpoint faults in legal documents and correct them instantly.

Moreover, I am an talented and diplomatic communicator, deadline focused, familiar with legal language and skilled in using Microsoft Office applications. Besides performing regular tasks, I am expert in using varieties of office equipment such as copier, fax and cell phone.

I have enclosed my references for your consideration, and would be pleased to discuss with you in an interview to go over this position in detail. You can contact me at (534) 565-2366 , Lake @

Thank you for your time and consideration.