Cover Letter For Legal Assistant-No Experience


Creating a powerful cover letter for basic level legal assistant job, while you have no former experience available, is a complicated work.

In the letter, you should highlight your regarding knowledge, abilities,internships experience and your passion to learn new responsibilities promptly.

Following is the best sample cover letter for the position of a legal assistant. You are free to alter it as per your needs.

Alternate Job Titles

This sample cover letter can also be used for the following relevant positions:
1. Commercial Law Worker
2. Paralegal
3. Real-estate Office Worker
4. Legal Researcher
5. Litigation Legal Assistant
6. Notary public
7. Land Titles Reviewer
8. Law Clerk
9.Title Searcher
10. Hallmark Representative

Cover Letter For Legal Assistant-No Experience

Kelly MacDonald

243 Case Street

Lansing, Michigan 36273

(635) 928-8142, Kelly@email. com

March 05, 2013

Mr. Billy Connolly
Hiring Administrator
ABC Corporation
265 Canal Road

Lansing, Michigan 36273

Dear Mr. Connolly:

I am writing in response to your current advertisement for a Legal Assistant position at ABC Corporation.My directional skills coupled with a strong history in legal assistance makes me a remarkable applicant for this position. I am zealous about the possibility to contribute to your mission.

My high level of concentration along with my outstanding communication and management skills have helped me acquire a strong academic record at The Law College which shows my commitment to my work. thorough liberal arts training and attention to psychology have provided me with superb writing ability in line with analytical, problem-solving and assessment skills. Furthermore, I have also developed research abilities in a variety of capacities by collecting and analyzing data in Research Design and Analysis class. Moreover, my study in different language classes has truly improved my familiarity of multiple cultures. My bilingual capacity will be very advantageous for your firm.

Through challenging authority positions, I have developed a sense of responsibility, good social skills and the talent to perform well at a team – even in an competitive work environment. As a Resident Assistant in summer time 2012, I successfully settled disputes between guests, organized communal and academic programs simultaneously served as a role model for my juniors. With my knowledge in liberal artistry, commerce and leadership, I am sure that can contribute positively to your corporation.

The encased resume carries complete detail of my relevant abilities and understanding. I am looking forward to the chance of working at ABC Corporation.

Thank you for your time and consideration.