Laundry Aide Skills for Resume


Laundry aides are required to assist customers with their laundry. These professionals assist the customers by identifying their laundry needs, inspecting clothes that need to be washed, and suggesting various washing techniques accordingly.


They are also responsible for sorting clothes based on color and texture, adding washing powder and softener, and returning clean clothes to customers.


An ideal candidate for a laundry aide position should possess substantial knowledge of laundry procedures, organization, time management, and attention to detail.


Given below are some sample skills for laundry aide resume:



Laundry Aide Skills for Resume


• Capable of greeting customers in a polite and professional manner as they enter the facility.

• Well-versed at receiving, sorting, and washing clothing and other textile items.

• Skilled at drying, pressing, folding, and delivering washed textile items.

• Competent at executing the laundry and associated operations efficiently.

• Demonstrated ability to maintain customer relations and on-time deliveries.

• Specially skilled at maintaining records of customers, clothes received, and clothes dispatched for home delivery.

• Substantial knowledge of laundry operations and equipment.

• Diligent when it comes to deadlines.

• Qualified to answer customers’ queries, concerns, and complaints.

• Particularly talented at maintaining and performing minor repairs on laundry equipment.

• Profound ability to maintain an inventory of laundry detergents and sewing kits.


• Able to maintain cleanliness and hygienic environment in the establishment by mopping at regular intervals.