Laundry Aide Job Description


Laundry aides are required to assist customers with their laundry. These professionals assist the customers by identifying their laundry needs, inspecting clothes that need to be washed, and suggesting various washing techniques accordingly.

They are also responsible for sorting clothes based on color and texture, adding washing powder and softener, and returning clean clothes to customers.

An ideal candidate for a laundry aide position should possess substantial knowledge of laundry procedures, organization, time management, and attention to detail.



Laundry Aide Job Description



• Greet customers as they enter the facility.

• Collect laundry from different residents or receive the laundry from customers and provide receipts to them.

• Tag and mark the soiled linen so that they can be returned to the right customer

• Sort dirty linen by product type, color or instructions provided by the customer.

• Set the wash and dry cycles on the machines based on products being washed.

• Load soiled linen into washers.

• Add water, detergent, and fabric softeners in the right amounts.

• Load clean, wet linens into dryers.

• Dry, press, and fold linen neatly.

• Maintain equipment and keep the work area neat and clean.

• Keep records of linen inventory.

• Monitor supply inventory and place orders with vendors.


• Make sure that the deliveries arrived on time each day.