Sample Cover Letter for Junior Recruiter


A Junior recruiter is a person who is responsible for recruiting new employees for the prospective organization. These professionals are the first person the job candidates come in contact with when they apply for a job. General duties of junior recruiters include going over resumes of prospective hires, screening job applicants, and assisting candidates through the hiring process.

A cover letter is a marketing tool that is meant to inspire the employer into reading your resume. While writing a cover letter for the junior recruiter position, since you don’t have enough experience to showcase, you have no choice but to rely on your position relevant skills solely.

An ideal cover letter for Junior Recruiter should showcase excellent communication and interpersonal skills, recruiting software knowledge, teamwork, and self-motivation.

The following cover letter sample for Junior Recruiter position will guide you further in this regard:

Sample Cover Letter for Junior Recruiter


March 11, 2018

Mr. Clark Anderson
Recruitment Coordinator
ACB Organization
837 Case Street
Austin, Texas 83746
Dear Mr. Anderson:

I am writing this letter to formally apply for the position of junior recruiter currently available at ABC Organization.

I possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration and took extra courses that centered on human resources. While earning my degree, I worked in the human resource department with AAA Firm. Through this experience, I gained excellent communication and interpersonal skills that will help build working relationships with other professionals in the industry.

During my internship, I was responsible for posting job openings, contacting candidates, doing background checks and providing support to the hiring manager. I have excellent research skills with the ability to check the work history and references of potential employees during the screening process to help determine who to call in for an interview. Moreover, I possess strong critical thinking and decision making skills that enable me to perform excellently in the capacity of a junior recruiter. I also possess good organizational and supervisory skills and I can also assist with some of the administrative duties such as calling the candidates in for the interviews and scheduling the meetings.

My resume is attached for your perusal. As a skilled and enthusiastic candidate, I would appreciate a chance of meeting with you to discuss this position in further detail. I will call your office after 4 days for follow up. In the interim, if you require any information regarding my profile, feel free to contact me at (431)734-5359.


(Enc: Resume)