Sample Job Description for a Voice Actor


Voice acting is the art of doing voiceovers. The performers of this art are called voice actors or voice artists. Voice Actors lend their voices to characters in animations, movies, commercials, video games, dubbed films or TV shows.

Voice actors are not seen only heard. They typically, work for studios, where they are expected to see visuals and lend their voices accordingly.

The skills and techniques required for voice acting vary enormously. The techniques and skills you will need for animation are very different from those required for say, narrating an audiobook.

Some skills and abilities that a voice actor should have are excellent speaking abilities, a clear voice, the ability to do various tones and accents, confidence, attention to details, and the willingness to work irregular hours. No formal education is required to work as a voice actor. However, one should be capable of reading and understanding scripts and instructions.

Given below are some duties of a voice actor:


Sample Job Description for a Voice Actor 
• Read scripts and comprehend and instructions.

• Study the character’s backstory for perfect interpretation.

• Create different voices through observation and mimicry.

• Practice different voices and constantly expand your range of voice characters and • qualities

• Provide initial voiceover takes.

• Do a number of different accents, or alter voice by speaking in a lower, louder or softer pitch.

• Express emotions through voice tones.

• Make the script sound believable and sincere

• Deliver the same lines in a number of different ways until the director is satisfied.

• Provide voices for animated characters including those in feature films, television programmes, animated short films, and video games.

• Watch a playback of the video game scenes, in order to time their voices to the characters’ movements on the screen.

• Bring out the personality of the character through constant practice.

• Sing songs related to the character.

• Ensure that the quality of voice remains the same throughout the voiceover session.

• Depending on the project, a voice actor might work alone or with a group.

• Collaborate with cast members to execute seamless performances.

• Keep your voice healthy by staying properly hydrated and not smoking


• Tweak voice in order to ensure that quality metrics are met.