Instructional Aide Interview Questions and Answers


Instructional aides work in conjunction with teachers to provide additional assistance in the classroom. The best way of preparing for an interview for instructional aide position is to read the job description thoroughly and make a list of all corresponding skills that you have. Matching the requirements of the employer to your skills is a great way of finding out what you may be asked at an interview.

Different interviewers will ask different question but obviously you cannot prepare for all of them. What you can do is to prepare for maximum possible questions that can be asked from an instructional aide.

Below are some popular questions that are mostly asked during an interview for instructional aide position:
Instructional Aide Interview Questions and Answers

What are the general duties that an instructional aide is required to perform?

Basically an instructional aide is expected to provide support to the teacher and carry out both clerical work and organizing classroom activities. He/she is also required to carry out duties such as supervising students on the playground or on field trips, maintaining supplies and helping students review lessons.

How do you deal with behavioral issues?

I will talk to the student separately and try to find out the reason behind the behavioral issues and try to take proper actions to solve that problem. Further more I will remind the students of classroom rules and make sure that proper procedures are administered to support positive behavior plans.

What have been your specific student supervision duties in the past?

I have been responsible for supervising children during the class to make sure that they are obeying the class rules and discipline unruly students when required. Moreover i have been responsible for supervising children’s activities during recess and off time.

Have you ever handled a class of students with special needs? How was your experience?

Yes, I have Worked with student with special needs and my experience has been great. I learnt many thing from this experience. Such students are misunderstood by the society. These student need special assistance because they are more special and they have something that make them more normal than “normal” people.

Have you ever handled an emergency in the classroom? If yes, what happened?

An epileptic child had a seizure once while I was overseeing the kids in recess. I took immediate medical measures to avoid hurt due to seizure and called for help. The teacher accompanied the child to the hospital and the rest of the group was very upset. I stayed with them until the teacher returned and calmed them down effectively.
What cognitive abilities does an instruction aide need in order to perform his or her duties properly?

I am capable of building and maintaining positive relationship with the staff and am able to take independent decisions when necessary, that is when students are concerned.

What kind of clerical work do one need to perform as an instructional aide?

Instructional aide is required to keep record of all students. their results and their attendance. Moreover, these professionals are required to type exams papers and quizzes, handle filling and perform photocopy and all other duties that are categorized under clerical work.

What are you three major strengths?

I am passionate about education, having excellent clerical and communication skills.

What do you think is the most difficult aspect of being an Instructional Aide?


I think the position in itself is very enjoyable but, yes, it can sometimes become rather challenging when the work load is too much and hard to handle, especially near the assessments stage.