Senior Living Housekeeper Resume Sample


Housekeeper are basically hired to provide domestic services such as cleaning, cooking and maintaining a sanitary and comfortable environment for the client or an organization. Senior living housekeepers are required to provide these services to in a senior living facility.


While writing a resume for senior living housekeeper, it is very important to make sure that you keep it short and concise. Don’t waste your time and precious space of your resume in writing irrelevant information. Your resume should be well structured and it should also highlight your abilities, skills and accomplishments in an effective manner.


Consider the following resume sample for senior living housekeeper position for further assistance:


Senior Living Housekeeper Resume Sample





Tim Varney
57 Sample Street, Lansing, MI 48956
(625) 974-6433


A professional yet friendly senior living housekeeper with 5 years’ housekeeping experience. Substantial knowledge of safety and hygiene protocols. Proficient at cleaning and maintaining housekeeping equipment. Capable of working closely with the residents to guarantee a peaceful environment. Able to perform other custodial and housekeeping tasks to ensure that the work area reflects a high quality of care.


• Facility Sanitization • Disinfecting Procedures • Buffing Assistance
• Laundry Handling • Trash Disposal • Preventative Maintenance
• Inventory Management • Incontinence Assistance • Member Safety
• Chemicals Use • Equipment Use • Linen Distribution



Mention your accomplishments here.


Senior Living Housekeeper
ABC Senior Care Facility, Lansing, MI | 2017-present
• Clean the assigned areas by sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and polishing.
• Empty and wash trash cans and dispose of trash properly.
• Collect dirty laundry, sort them and transport them to laundry room.
• Clean and sanitise bathrooms and restock toilet papers and towels and other rest room supplies.
• Mix various cleaning solution for cleaning stains and smudges.
• Assist elderly people and provide them with companionship when needed.

Housekeeping Aide
AAA Facility, Lansing, MI | 2014-2016
• Cleaned and disinfected patients; rooms and bathrooms.
• Received and sorted dirty laundry and recorded the damaged and stained items.
• Empty dustbins and transport trash yo disposal areas.
• Cleaned and vacuumed rugs and dusted and polished furniture.
• Maintained a safe and clean environment at all times.


High School Diploma
City High School, Lansing, MI – 2013