Sample Skills for Senior Living Housekeeper


Housekeeper are basically hired to provide domestic services such as cleaning, cooking and maintaining a sanitary and comfortable environment for the client or an organisation. Senior living housekeepers are required to provide these services to in a senior living facility.


General duties of senior living housekeeper position include dusting, cleaning, mopping floor and furniture, washing and cleaning trash cans, keeping inventory of cleaning supplies and doing laundry.


An ideal candidate for senior living housekeeper position should be polite, compassionate along with a professional attitude and neat appearance. Exceptional time management skills, decision making ability, dexterity and cleaning ability are also very important for this position.


Given below is are some sample skills for a Senior Living Housekeeper:




Sample Skills for Senior Living Housekeeper





• Understanding of all the areas of the house and knowledge of how to clean them.

• Capable of using different types of equipment and machines for cleaning different areas of the house.

• Ability to mix different cleaning chemicals in a safe and effective manner.

• Track record of cleaning residents’ rooms and common areas.

• Competent at documenting each finished job properly in compliance with residence policies.

• Proficient in mopping tiles, vacuuming carpets and cleaning wooden floors.

• Well-versed at cleaning and disinfecting washrooms and replenishing supplies.

• Competent in removing linens and bed sheets and replacing them with fresh ones .

• Skilled at collecting and sorting laundry.

• Unmatched ability to wash dirty laundry by using machines and detergents.

• Specifically skilled in carrying out minor repair tasks..

• Capable of working closely with residents and home management to ensure a peaceful home environment.

• Qualified to exhibit courtesy and respect to residents at all times.

• Particularly effective in accepting directions and orders and following through without complaint.

• Excellent ability to maintain a neat and professional appearance.