Sample Cover Letter for Housekeeper No Experience


A well-written cover letter for a house cleaning services position is very important specially when you have no former experience. If written smartly, it can set you apart from the group of experienced candidates. You should evidently mention your key characteristics and zealousness to work for the possible employer.


➜ Always send a modified cover letter along with job application/ resume.

➜ Address your letter directly to the employer or executing director to show your devotion and passion.

➜ Write to-the-point; overwriting will decrease your validity.

➜ Explain clearly what you will deliver to the company if employed.

Housekeeper Resume cover letter No Experience

Kelly Sheridan

7365 Main Blvd
Raleigh, North Carolina C39H5

March 11, 2010

Mr. Garry Chalk
Hiring Manager
AAA Hospitality
2475 North Street
Raleigh, North Carolina C8G47

Dear Mr. Chalk:

In case you are seeking the services of an enthusiastic housekeeper with hands-on experience in stewarding and housekeeping, I am the right choice. Because of my skills and demonstrated expertise, I would be able to work extremely well for your organization.

Following are some of my key characteristics which would permit me provide an excellent housekeeping service and will create the most wonderful experience for your customers:

❖ Expert in carrying out general cleaning tasks.
❖ Capable of using modern cleaning tools and equipment.
❖ Detail understanding of different kinds of chemicals and their safe usage.
❖ Passionate to provide excellent service to the clients.
❖ Able to follow instructions timely and perfectly

The skills mentioned in the enclosed resume will demonstrate the value and vision that I can bring to your team.

I am looking forward to meet with you to discuss my strengths in detail. I will contact your office after 6  days to follow-up. Meanwhile, I can be reached at (354) 675-7892 or via email at Kelly@

Thank you for your time and consideration.