Sample Accomplishments for Housekeeping Resume


Housekeeping is a very physically demanding job that includes many, varied tasks. Typically, housekeeper are responsible for carrying out duties such as  cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets, making sure safety rules are respected, and greeting guests.

A resume for the position of housekeeping should emphasize cleaning experience, attention to details, being able to perform physical work and to handle cleaning equipment, and good communication skills. Moreover, it is very important to add an accomplishment section in your resume in order to make it stand out.

Writing an achievement section is some time very difficult because candidates often find it difficult to differentiate between job duties and achievements of housekeeper and end up writing the duties instead of accomplishments. This step can badly affect your candidacy therefor it is very important to put your time and effort in composing an excellent accomplishment section for your resume.

Accomplishments for the position of a housekeeper is basically what you did during you previous employment. Duties of housekeeper who works in a hotel are different from the duties of a housekeeper working in a house. Likewise their accomplishments are also different.

Given below is a list of sample accomplishments for housekeeping position:

Sample Accomplishments for Housekeeping Resume

• Systematized solid supplies inventory system that brought down supplies misuse and loss by 80%.

• Strategized cleaning activities thereby ensuring that no floor is left unattended at any point during the day.

• Suggested alternatives to expensive brands that helped in reducing cleaning supplies cost by 40%.

• Designed and implemented housekeeping policies and procedures that increased work efficiency by 25%.

• Increased guest satisfaction by employing round the clock cleaning services for guests arriving during the nocturnal hours.

• Implemented a series of training programs for existing housekeeping staff, which increased their ability to meet organizational standards of housekeeping.

• Trained 20 employees to work as members of the housekeeping staff.

• Received the ‘Employ of the Month’ award three times during my employment at ABC Company.

• Reduced cleaning supplies cost by 33% BY suggesting alternatives to expensive brands.