House Painter Sample Skills


As the title suggests, House Painters are responsible for painting the interior and exterior of houses. They remove old paint, smooth the surface using sandpaper, and apply paint, varnish, and stains to change the appearance of the house. Furthermore, they are responsible for analyzing the painting needs of a house, deciding paint color and types, mixing paints, and selecting appropriate painting tools.

To work as a house painter, one should possess in-depth knowledge of paint types and techniques, budgeting skills, physical dexterity, attention to detail, teamwork, and good communication abilities.

A high school diploma or equivalent is generally required to work as a house painter.

House Painter Sample Skills

• Expert in developing budgets for projects with the painting crew
• Deeply familiar with different types of paints available as well as various painting techniques
• Effectively able to decide the type of paint in regards to the type of surface
• Particularly effective in selecting appropriate tools for painting
• Familiar with texturing tools and brushes
• Proficient in painting with a spray gun, rollers, and brushes
• Adept at adding texture to surfaces
• Special talent in mixing paint and other materials to prepare the right color or texture
• Familiarity with the safe use of basic hand and power tools
• Excellent communication and active listening skills
• Excellent customer service skills
• Great attention to detail, time-management, and teamwork skills
• Computer proficiency and good math skills
• Physically dexterous and capable of climbing ladders and carrying heavy objects
• Ability to stand for long periods of time