House Painter Cover Letter


Jacob Yarger
1532 Oak Lane
Princeton, MO 64673

Sep 30, 2010

Mr. Steven Horton
Southwest United Industries
4178 Simpson Square
Wilson, OK 73463

Dear Mr. ABC,

Today, I am replying to your ad looking for a Painter for your painting company. I thank you to review this letter and the attached resume.

In my resume, it points to my several years of experience in professionally painting buildings and homes. This entailed a number of contract positions that were ongoing, as well as one shot painting clients on my own. I know what the best types of paint are to use for buildings and homes, and have much experience painting, as well as applying stains and varnishes and primer. I can paint seamlessly in both interior and exterior projects, and work hard with industry equipment until the project is complete and up to customer standard. I am friendly, great as part of a team, and just love painting.

Please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. Call me on my cell phone at (555)-860-6504 or at my home phone (555)-860-6504 as soon as possible.