Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice Resume Sample


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Below in an excellent sample resume for the position of heavy duty mechanic assistant, specially designed to assist you further in this regard:

Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice Resume Sample

Alan Smith

47 Noon Avenue• St. Paul, Minnesota 76595 • (006) 888-7777 • alan@email.com


A highly skilled and experienced diesel engine mechanic seeking work at ABC Company. Skilled in computerized engine efficiency analysis, accurate diagnosis and repair of diesel engine malfunctions. Offering expertise in diesel engine maintenance, replacing spare parts and engine reconditioning skills.


● Parts Assembly ● Engine Maintenance ● Component Repair
● Machinery Inspection ● Hydraulic Systems ● Diagnostic Testing
● Steering/ Suspension ● Adjustment/Alignment ● Heating/ Cooling
● Mechanical Service ● Parts Replacement ● Repair Estimation


• Performed all phases of repairs and maintenance on Diesel engines and Caterpillars, water trucks and cranes.
• Overhaul engines or sub assemblies such as Ford L200 CID or L300 CID
• Supervise and coordinate preparation and installation of NIJ Level III Ballistic Armor kits on KBR civilian commercial truck fleet

ABC Groups, St. Paul, Minnesotan
Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice, September 2016-present

• Evaluate and diagnose customer vehicles and heavy equipment.
• Overhaul engines and reinstall into equipment and vehicles.
• Consult with customers regarding repair needs and formulate plans.

XYZ Corporation, St. Paul, Minnesotan
Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice, March 2014-August 2016

• Inspected the vehicle for wear tear and maintenance needs
• Removed damaged and malfunctioning parts for replacement.
• Performed weekly maintenance assessments on company equipment.

Associates Degree in heavy duty Mechanics


• Ability to lift weight upto 65 lbs
• Specialize in small Diesel engine repairs: generators, lighting compactors
• Ability to work in standing position for serveral hours