Gas Station Attendant Sample Skills


Gas Station Attendants work at gas stations where they are responsible for selling fuel and automotive products and providing service and assistance to the customers. Their duties include operating fuel pumps, doing small repairs to vehicles, cleaning windshields, replacing tires, checking fluid levels, greasing automobile parts, and collecting payments.

To work as a Gas Station Attendant, one should have strong communication and customer service skills along with strong attention to detail, stamina, and the ability to work independently. Moreover, one should possess basic knowledge of vehicle mechanics as well as knowledge of safety protocols.

Generally, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required to work as a gas station attendant.

Gas Station Attendant Sample Skills

• Skilled in operating fuel pumps and filling fuel tanks to required levels
• Competent in greasing automobile parts, washing windshields, replacing tires
• Capable of performing minor repairs such as adjusting brakes, replacing spark plugs, and changing engine oil and filters
• Profound ability to understand and follow both oral and written instructions
• Excellent communication and customer service skills
• Excellent sales skills to sell extra products and services to customers
• Effectively able to prioritize work tasks, and multi-task
• Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills
• Strong computer literacy and numeracy skills
• Physical dexterity, stamina, and endurance
• Capable of working independently