Hospital Food Service Worker Job Description


In a hospital, patients meal is an important part of his/her treatment. The importance of hospital foodservice and the use of food as treatment cannot be ignored. However, at present, hospitals have become aware of the importance of nutrition care of the hospitalized patients, not only for that they should be kept well fed, but to also enjoy the food.

Food service workers are the professionals who are responsible for not only delivering food to patients assigned to them but also or helping in the preparation of food items according to instructions provided for each individual patient. Therefore, a food service worker should also know how to prepare food items for cooking or even cook dishes at times. Furthermore, these individuals are also responsible for maintaining kitchens clean and sanitized, washing dishes, serving food, and disposing of waste.

To work in the capacity of a food service worker, one should have the ability to follow instructions, adaptability to repetitive tasks, time management, teamwork, and good communication abilities. No formal education is required to become a food service worker.


Hospital Food Service Worker Job Description


• Peel, slice or dice vegetables and fruits or prepare meat cuts for cooking.

• Help in the preparation of food items in accordance to instructions provided for each individual patient.

• Prepare meals keeping in mind the allowed nutritional values and ensuring that no such ingredient is used that may cause gastronomical trouble to patients with food allergies.

• Place items, such as eating utensils, napkins, and condiments on trays.

• Apportion and place food servings on plates and trays according to diet list on the menu card.

• Examine the filled tray for completeness and place them on a cart, dumbwaiter, or conveyor belt.

• Serve food to patients and help them in partaking of their food.

• Collect dirty dishes, stack them on a cart and return the cart to the kitchen.

• Stack the dishes in the dishwasher, operate the same and sterilize the utensils.

• Ensure proper sanitation in the work area and keep all floors fully stocked with kitchen necessities and items.

• Collect garbage and trash and dispose of them properly.

• Assemble and serve food items to hospital staff in the cafeteria.


• May record amount and types of special food items served to patients.